Image by Aldon via Flickr

You know what I like about the internet? You can find just about anything. And, by anything, I mean anything. I like that. Well, OK, some of the “anything” I mentioned is a bit distasteful to me, but I still like the fact that oodles of information is available to us–from kittens (lots of freaking kittens) to……well……not kittens.

What can SOPA do? Well, this site (Your favorite blog in the whole world. Admit it, it is.) could be shut down if someone in the Justice Department (god, I hate the word “justice”) believes that I might be linking to a site that has some suspected copyrighted material. That sounds just peachy.

The law is over broad and unnecessary–the two hallmarks of horrible lawmaking. It caters to the RIAA and their ilk. Last time I checked, they’re still sporting plenty of bling. They just want more.

SOPA is the internet equivalent of having a law that allows for roads and highways to be shut down on a whim in the event that someone in the government believes that illegal goods might be transported upon them. If your driveway connects to one of these closed roads, well, sorry. It’s closed, too. This, of course, is a decision that can be made by our favorite non-elected government officials.

I ask three things:

  1. Educate yourself about SOPA and it’s ugly sibling, PIPA.
  2. Click on the little ribbon in the upper right portion of this website (the one that says “STOP CENSORSHIP”).
  3. Use the form provided to write your representative and tell them what you think of SOPA and PIPA.

Tell Congress to go back to working on stuff that needs their attention.