Admiring Headgear

You can tell a lot about an Army by the headgear worn by their officers. Say, for instance, North Korea:

The hat is particularly prominent when seen upon the noggin of a young, skinny officer:

To think, I once bemoaned the size and shape of the Army’s old “bus-driver hat.” I guess I had it pretty good after all.


2 thoughts on “Admiring Headgear

  1. I was eyeing those N. Korean hats too. I wonder how they perform in high winds? I’ve always valued the comedic value of certain military displays, no doubt thanks to the comedic genius Benny Hill! I used to laugh uncontrollably when the Soviet soldiers did their long-legged marches. I have sorely missed those. I was overjoyed to notice that the N. Koreans do it to.

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