A Little Lead Time…

At 9AM on December 7, 2011, I read an email. It was a desperate plea for help and court-martial representation.

I was all ears (so to speak) since I love the courtroom and courts-martial. Though, I don’t get very many (maybe 2 a year).

Essentially, it explained that the service member was in trouble. Their family was in trouble. They faced many family, medical, financial, and child-care issues. Evidence existed to show that he was being treated unfairly and unjustly. Extenuation and mitigation existed in copious amounts.

I’m game. This is the lifeblood of my professional existence. I’m psyched. I’m already formulating motions to file and arguments to be made in order to get this thing to evaporate prior to trial.

This is exactly what I need — a chance to do something great this holiday season.

I looked for dates and times. Timing is everything.

The email was sent after 5PM on December 6, 2011.

The court-martial was scheduled to begin at 7AM on December 7, 2011. I do not know the location.

I hope he has a happy holidays and a great Trial Defense Services lawyer.


2 thoughts on “A Little Lead Time…

  1. I remember a sign in the civil clerk’s office of Manhattan Supreme Court to the effect of “Your poor planning doesn’t make it my emergency.” At what moment does it occur to a defendant that he might do well to retain counsel? After it’s too late, apparently.

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