Glad You Found Me

People arrive here in various ways. Some already have me in their RSS reader. Some have a bookmark of some sort. Some use links from other blogs. None of those are fun for me.

Fun is when someone finds UA through internet searches.

Today filled me with great joy, as it proved that I rule the internet.

If you search “lawyer mustaches gamso,” the top 3 hits are……wait for it…….you guessed it. Right here.

See for yourself. I’ve got everything from Priority Mail to Gerry Spence’s wife to Gamso’s mustache to some guy who feels strongly about entering the military.

And, just for the heck of it, here’s the mustache. Pay no attention to the three sans mustache. They are of no consequence.



2 thoughts on “Glad You Found Me

  1. I thought my eyes had floaters for a few seconds when I was reading the text of a story. Thankfully my eyes are fine, I was just slow to realize that your site is snowing.

    Also, I just noted that you abbeviate your site as UA, which is also the abreviation for other things such as United Airlines and unrinalysis. I’m sure that you had the latter in mind when you chose your site’s new name, and I’m ashamed that it took me this long to notice.

    • It is snowing……hard to tell with my primarily white theme. Perhaps I should find a really dark picture in order to show off the festive spirit.

      You’re the first to notice the UA reference (or at least the first to notify me that you noticed).

      In the Army and Air Force, UA is slang for a urinalysis–the bane of many of my clients’ existence.

      In the Navy and Marine Corps, UA is an acronym for Unauthorized Absence.

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