On Veterans Day, We Should Thank You

Everybody wants to thank veterans on Veterans Day. I suppose that does make some logical sense, considering the name and all, but it’s time we thank the rest of you, instead.

Thanks to the teachers in our schools, who taught us the history of other veterans, and what made them special. Thanks also for teaching our kids, and understanding that their father or mother sometimes went far away.

Thanks to the firefighters and policemen, who kept our families safe when we were somewhere far away.

Thanks to the farmers who get dirty every day to provide our country with food.

Thanks to the doctors and nurses who keep us healthy, and the dentists who say we didn’t brush well enough.

Thanks to the lawyers–some who keep us safe, and others who keep our rights safe, and those who do a little of both.

Thanks to everyone who does a dirty, unwanted job–especially the thankless ones. You make civilized life, as we know it, possible.

Thanks to the families at home, waiting. Keeping things just as we remember them.

Really, what we want to say is thanks to everyone who does a job, and does it well. To those who show others acts of kindness. To the innocents among us. To those who see how pathetic we are as humans, but love us all the same. You make us want to be veterans, because you’re worth it.



2 thoughts on “On Veterans Day, We Should Thank You

  1. I know this is only slightly related, but what you wrote above has been the basis to my objection to the “good Soldier” defense for some time now. No one, other than a Soldier on trial, gets to claim “I’ve been a good [insert profession], therefore you should find me not guilty.” It insults all those who struggle in difficult jobs and risk their lives on daily basis – the law enforcers, firefighters, teachers, factory workers, etc.

    Oh, and thanks for your service my friend.

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