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I received several comments and emails since I published a post about what I’d learned after 1 year in solo practice. They were all good. Most suggested things I’d neglected/forgotten to put in the original post.

Knowing this, I’ve decided to add a page called “The List.” That sounds somewhat self-important, but I couldn’t think of what else to call it, and a really long title would’ve screwed up the header to the blog. So, I went with it. Yes, this site has other lists, like alternatives to capital punishment, but they are even more frivolous than “The List.” If you know of a better, less self-important title, just let me know.

The continuous link for this page can be found up there (gesturing upward to the menu bar).

Please, if you see something missing, let me know. It will be amended continuously for the next couple of months that this blog exists, and attribution will be given.


5 thoughts on “The List

  1. “It will be amended continuously for the next couple of months that this blog exists…”

    You ending the blog?

    • JMo: You know, I had someone recently ask me to be his partner in a new law firm. I declined. The guy would bankrupt us both. I also turned-down two other offers recently. It made me think of who I’d really want as a partner, if I was to take such a risk and engage in such a marriage. It was decided between the voices in my head and I that you would be the guy. Of course, we practice two completely different types of law and reside hundreds of miles apart. But, that’s what we decided. I also have a second place guy, but nobody you know (nor anyone else out here on the blogosphere).

      One of the reasons for this is the fact that you are exceptionally perceptive–especially with details. I always liked that. I’m not that way. I go charging ahead like a rabid dog, forsaking a great many details along the way, but focusing on whatever big-picture issues I deem salient at the time.

      In any case, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I truly appreciate you keeping an eye on this blog. Knowing you’re out there looking gives me the motivation to continue splattering my thoughts on the net as much as I do. And, I’m being sincere about this one.

  2. If you’d cross into the blue I’ve got a part time gig for you up in Knob if you ever want it. And I’m being sincere about that one too.

  3. I’ve been worrying about this, also.

    Don’t let your new partner(s) (real or imagined) make you give up your blog. It’s such a refreshing change from the sneeering and/or pompous legal blogs out there.

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