Child Cross Examination?

Recent conversation in my household after school with early-elementary school child.

Me: How was your day?

Kid: Fine.

Me: What did you learn?

Kid: Nothing.

Me: What did you eat for lunch?

Kid: Chips and milk.

Me: That’s it? What else were you served?

Kid: Hey dad?

Me: Ummm, yes?

Kid: Did you know some people are killed when they do crimes?

Me: Yes. It is called capital punishment or the death penalty.

Kid: Dad?

Me: Yes?

Kid: Have any of the people you work with gotten the death penalty?

Me: No. Thankfully.

Kid: Dad?

Me: Yes?

Kid: Do you like the death penalty?

Me: No. Not at all. I think it’s wrong.

Kid: But, I heard you tell mom that you wanted to kill the kid who pushed me down on the playground.

Me: …


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