Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

So, you’re excited that your spouse is returning from deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. That’s great, but don’t forget to prepare for their return. In your haste and excitement, you might forget some of the more important steps.

However, there is one step that is of vital importance, and forgetting it can cost you money, time, and your own personal safety. It is simple, yet many neglect this essential task. Remembering it may mean that you don’t need to call me after a rough and tumble night of fighting with your spouse.

So, I’d like to give you, kind reader, a gentle reminder of this critical task:

Clear your web browsing history and delete your temporary Internet files.

You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

  1. I will never forget a few years back I was asked by a friend I rode the bus with if I could fix her computer which was acting all screwy. While not a computer expert I knew enough to usually get things back to normal or to point someone in the right direction to a fix. Now my friend was married and had three kids, one of them being a 16 year old boy. During the course of trying to find out what was wrong with her computer I noticed the folder size for the temporary internet files was gigantic so I took a look see. Lo and behold it turned out someone had been looking at a huge number of, how shall I say, very unusual fetish porn sites on the web. So I show my friend this and all she can say is, “Please, God, let it have been my husband who was doing the looking!”. Too funny.

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