And Then There Was Shel

Signature of Shel Silverstein.

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Most of us have a bit of Willy Loman in us. I know I do. I fight him every day.

The truly extraordinary ones of us don’t. Shel Silverstein was one.

Kurt Vonnegut was one, too. So was George Carlin and Leonard Schneider (the one who gave the 1st Amendment a voice) and Buck O’Neil and two guys with the initials HST.

A lot of folks wax romantic about laws and systems and institutions and buildings and policies. That ain’t really possible. If anything is romantic, it’s the people, and sometimes you have to dig to find them. Always, they have flaws. That’s what makes them so damn romantic.

I saw this 1968 interview with Shel Silverstein today via Radley Balko. It was in the “Stars and Stripes,” a newspaper designed to be read by service members stationed overseas.

Today, it inspired me to do something extraordinary, even if only something small and for one person. I hope it does the same for you. Or, I hope it pisses you off.

Either way, I get the same satisfaction.


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  1. Wow, the second HST was difficult? Worth the Google though! Johnny and Benicio really do Thompson justice, dont you think?

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