Where’d You Learn That?

One of the fallacies of our society is that most people focus on what they know, not how they know it.

For instance, until a few years ago, everything I knew about Middle-Eastern culture was gleaned from my observations of Jamie Farr’s character in “Cannonball Run.”


2 thoughts on “Where’d You Learn That?

  1. E–You should write about your unique work travels whenever you can AND as you do them. (Client Work first, though.) Lawyers who get to work abroad are lucky and valuable–especially when they care and “get it”. Maybe some cross-cultural insights. Note: This just a gentle suggestion and no-strings pointer; if you don’t put it into action I will merely be very angry and never return any more of your goddamn calls from wherever you and yours are living this quarter. 🙂

    • I have been compiling a few of my photos and experiences. I’ve just only had time for a few short, pithy posts since arriving back.

      Although, I will tell you that I find my experiences to be overwhelmingly unremarkable.

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