Avvo Love For My Wall

Avvo gives me a “D” grade for my legal practice. I say this because my rating is 6.8 (out of a possible 10.0) (having grown from 6.7, something many men wish they could do). Why it increased to 6.8, I can’t say. It just did. According to them, my professional conduct is superb, my experience is so-so, and my industry recognition is decidedly subpar.

Avvo is a lawyer referral/resume’/bragging site that provides one wonderful service to consumers–checking bar standings and disciplinary reports. After providing this wonderful service, they appear to work hard at making money.

I checked-in today to see if anything changed, and, much to my surprise, Avvo afforded me a wonderful chance to add some art to my wall. This way, I, too, can display my pride at being an “Avvo Rated Attorney” and “Has been widely recognized by the legal community for professional conduct and experience.” Am I special? You bet.

All for the low, low price of $179. They even extend the courtesy of showing me a preview of my potential honor:

Now that I’ve locked the honor for 2011, I need to work hard to maintain it in 2012. Cross your fingers.

As long as I have this, it plus $5.25 gets me coffee at Starbucks.


6 thoughts on “Avvo Love For My Wall

    • Any man who insists upon using the initial “L” rather than their actual middle name is almost always “Lynn.” We’re a tight-knit fraternity.

  1. The only thing decent about AVVO is the client reviews and that is all that matters. I’ve often wondered it takes to win the coveted “SUPERLAWYER” award. Another claim on many is that “I attended Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer Course”. I hired a lawyer with a super rating on AVVO and he turned out to be a process lawyer that did more wills and powers of attorney than actual court cases. He also had a lawyer friend give him a recommendation saying he was a super guy (to golf with). Legalzoom could have beaten this guy in court. AVVO needs to up their standards and stop the “pay for play” before they get sued. Many lawyers on AVVO are all flash(nice websites, art deco on the walls, a thousand legal volumes on the walls behind their desks, and water fountains in their offices) and no fire. The books behind the desk is almost as crass as Sal Goodman’s “Constitution” wall paper on Breaking Bad.

  2. Hi Eric,

    We certainly don’t intend for the Avvo Rating to be a mystery. While we don’t share the algorithm used to calculate the Rating, I’m happy to give you some more insight into what type of information we’re looking for. The Avvo Rating is essentially a resume score of an attorney’s activity within the legal community. We’re looking to see if the legal community has recognized you through Awards (including SuperLawyers and Martindale-Hubbell), Associations (through leadership positions), publications in legal journals and periodicals and speaking engagements to legal audiences. Peer endorsements, work experience and education are also taken into account. Additionally, the Avvo Rating is completely independent of any advertising on the site.

    At 6.8, you have an Avvo Rating many are proud of. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Cristin Carey
    Avvo Customer Care Manager

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

      However, I fear that you are taking my post seriously. It is not intended to be serious, and part of it is actually a not-so-veiled male-endowment joke. Though, many people have strong opinions as to the value of lawyer rating sites such as Avvo, SuperLawyers, and Martindale.

      Truthfully, I am satisfied with my 6.8, and I have no intention to inflate my resume’ in order to gain anything more. Additionally, I will neither ask-for, nor accept, any peer endorsements as I feel such things are generally disingenuous. If someone seeks a referral from me, I am available by phone, email, and even fax. I keep a list for just such a purpose. They are all attorneys whom I’d hire myself, if necessary.

      With less than 10 years of work as a lawyer, I believe a 6.8 is appropriate, and possibly even a bit high. However, I have seen numerous lawyers who inflate their backgrounds in order to achieve 10.0 with the same or less experience than I. Any system that allows such antics is not one that I intend to take seriously. Ever.

      It is, however, a wonderful source of comic relief, and I thank you for that.

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