How Social Media Helped My Case In Baghdad

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding my latest trip to Iraq (my second in 3 months).

So, here are answers to a few important ones.

How did I get the case? An old friend referred it to me. He called me on the phone.

How did Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. help me to prepare for the case? They didn’t. I also don’t talk about the particulars on any SM, email, or internet forum. That’s stupid. All anyone else knew is that I was traveling to Baghdad for a case. I did have some questions, and I discussed those will colleagues via telephone.

How did I utilize the cloud for my legal needs? Aside from a few sparse clouds in the sky over Baghdad, I have no other knowledge of clouds involved in this case.

Did my client utilize SM to his advantage? If so, how? This two-part question deserves a two-part answer. First, to my knowledge, my client did not use SM. Second, had I knowledge that he utilized SM for case purposes, I would’ve kicked the shit out of him.

How did I incorporate technology during the case? In court, I had a MacBook Air and iPad. They sat on counsel table. They were never used. They were never necessary. Why? I did this thing called case preparation. Crazy, I know. However, at night, I did attempt to check scores on ESPN via a cruddy wireless connection.

Aside from this, SM was absolutely critical to the case.


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more on this. Abstinence, with respect to free cloud apps and social media, is the best way to keep close control of any client info.

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