Dear Police

Dear Police:

It’s me, Eric, a Criminal Defense Attorney. I know, I know. We butt heads often, but I wanted to tell you something. I hope you’ll listen. I’m being sincere.

We need you to do your job well. All of us want to live in a safe environment. We want our children to live without fear. We want you to be a part of our community. We want you to be approachable. We want you to be reasonable. You are part of making our communities safe and strong. We like that. We want that.

I’ve always paid my taxes. Income. Property. Personal property. Sales. Every time I’m assessed a tax, I hope the pennies goes to something worthwhile–something that helps my community. That includes your salary. I want to know that my pennies are paying the salary of a good person who is doing good things for my community.

We want you to enforce laws. Really. After all, laws mean very little unless someone steps-forward to enforce them. But, our laws begin with the Constitution. We want you to enforce that, too. Regardless of what you may have heard, that includes the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments. If you look at those rules from the perspective of an ordinary person, you realize that they are intended to make us feel safe and secure. You want us to feel safe and secure, right? They try to eliminate fear. You don’t want us to be afraid, right?

We don’t want you to be macho or tough. We want you to be a quiet professional. We want you to realize that people have flaws. Some people are mentally ill or sick, and we want you to see that, too. We know that sometimes you need to be tough, but we need you to be in control. If you lose control, people suffer. If you just want to be tough, people also suffer.

We want you to choose the law over your friends and colleagues. We pay you to do the right thing, not the “loyal” thing. Some of your buddies will do the wrong thing, and some of your other buddies will help them to cover it up, make it go away, or explain-it-away with bullshit reasoning. When that happens, people suffer–most of whom pay your salary.

Help us to fight against any injustice, even the ones committed by your brothers and sisters. Remember, at the end of the day, you’ll be one of us again, and you’ll want to feel safe and secure, and without fear. Someday, you’ll hope that the tax dollars you pay from your retirement fund goes to a good cause, not a macho one.

Thanks for your time,



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