Crowdsourcing My New Duds

Always a huge fan of crowd sourcing decisions, I’ll let you decide what you think about this change in the format of my blawg. The change is intended to make this blog less about the extraneous crap, and more about writing and reading.

So, how about another poll? My previous attempt at a poll was a resounding failure, with a majority of voters picking the most boring option available.

See if you can do better with this one.

For you cool RSS people, please disregard. This is for folks who like to read my blawg with flair.

10 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing My New Duds

  1. Don’t you think your poll is a bit, uh, limited? What about “the old one sucked, the new one sucks too, but who cares? It’s what you write, not your fancy duds.”

    I see you didn’t take my new name suggestion. Bummer.

    • Fine, I added a 3rd choice. I suspect it may be a runaway winner.

      As for the title, I’m taking this one step at a time. That choice will be crowdsourced next. Yes, yours will be an option.


  2. It looks the same as usual to me — see? (no links shno shlinks).

    I like the new style better. I don’t like how it’s all centered. Centered text longer than a line is not aesthetic, functional, or ergonomic.

    Also your last poll was a huge failure because it didn’t specify what shirt you would be wearing. Never pick a tie without a shirt in mind, and never pick a shirt without a suit in mind.

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