One Year Old, But No Cake

I just realized that this blawg is now over a year old, and I missed the birthday. I’d miss my own birthday if it weren’t for family members to remind me.

The birthday: July 17. I started to peruse some of the older posts, but they suck worse than the ones now. I did notice one amusing thing–the evolution of the blawg in that time.

Admittedly, I started it for two reasons. First, I like to write, and this is a chance to practice what I love while simultaneously subjecting myself to peer (and sometimes non-peer) review. Second, I’ll be honest, I started it because many folks told me that I was ~supposed~ to do this to market my wares as a lawyer.

At the time I started it, I completed 6 years of service to the Army as a lawyer (after 5 years of service as an Infantry Officer). In the service, my paychecks flowed like clockwork twice a month. The client base had no bearing on my pay, and many viewed a life as a Maytag Repairman to be preferable to that of hectic lawyer. The idea of marketing myself and my wares was not a consideration. The clients were who they were. I didn’t seek them. They just eventually made their way to my doorstep. Good and bad, I was bound to take them all. Marketing and private life were foreign to me.

The blawg started as a companion to my practice. Why? Well, that seemed to be what a lot of folks were saying to do. “You need to drive traffic to your site,” they said. “Don’t be left behind in your marketing plan,” they implored. They screamed, “You’ve got to be on the first page of Google!”

I bought a bit of it (philosophically, NOT monetarily), but then, after a few months, I had a chance to look at my practice. The quality clients came from the more traditional sources, and not through newfangled marketing schemes.

More importantly, I sought and received mentorship from others, but it didn’t come from those who focus their careers upon the marketing aspects of the legal profession. The mentorship came from real lawyers–those who have clients and have seen the inside of many courtrooms. They emphasized simplicity, hard work, humility, and, most importantly, patience. I listened, even to the ones from New York.

So, the last 12 months has seen a systematic divorce of my blog from my practice. That trend will continue.

As I wrap-up a few cases this summer, you’ll likely see the name of this blog change.  The layout will change, too. The substance, however, will not change. It will still contain random smatterings of whatever the voices in my head tell me to say. Much of it will related to the military and military law, but not all, as usual.

Hopefully, my regular readers (there are 14 now (I broke into double-digits a few months ago)) will appreciate it. The changes are made with them in mind.


16 thoughts on “One Year Old, But No Cake

  1. Happy anniversary. Had you been a bit more diligent about it, I might have said something warm and thoughtful, but since it obviously meant little to you, it means even less to me.

    On the bright side, if you need a new blog name, consider “Eric’s Blog About Law and Stuff.” Catchy, right?

    • I think that’s just about as warm and thoughtful as I’ll ever get.

      That name does have merit, and it will certainly be given due consideration. I’ve several ideas about new names. One was “Not So Simple Justice: A Blog For People Looking for Something More From the Law.”

  2. I am not a lawyer, nor a blogger. I am, however, from Kansas, somewhat, and grew up as a military brat. I have love for the military, reading, and the law, which I figure, counts for me to step out of the shadows, and say, Happy Anniversary, and many more.

    • You make 15 loyal readers, and from the Great State of Kansas, no less. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the wishes.

  3. The blawgosphere doesn’t operate on a normal calendar. I’ve been at it for a little over 2 years now, which makes me, I think, middle aged in bloggy years. At a year, you’re well past adolescence. It’s OK to stop noticing birthdays when you get to be over 21 and they no longer have such exciting consequences as the right to drink adult beverages legally.

    So a belated happy birthday. First drink would be on me if I were there.

    • Thanks Jeff. Now that I’ve been at it a while, I see that the vast majority of blogs die after barely a month of enthusiastic and frantic writing (once folks discover that blogs do nothing to gain clients).

      Great, now you’ve done it. Remember how SHG reacted the last time you and I talked about drinking, or hanging out and drinking, or buying each other drinks? He was, to say the least, miffed. There will be no living with him for at least a few weeks now.

  4. I doubt I’m your target audience — neither legal nor military — but I keep coming back to see what you have to say. Happy bloggy birthday, Eric.

    • Mark, you give me entirely too much credit by assuming I have a target audience. I write whatever the voices in my head tell me to write. Sometimes, it is law. Others, it is military. Yet others, it seems to be entirely inappropriate for any sensible audience. I never know from day to day.

      Either way, I appreciate the fact that you stop by, and I’m honored. You’re number 16, it seems. I’m working my way up in the world.

      By the way, I signed-up for Avvo through WindyPundit. Hopefully, you scored some scratch in the deal.

      • Actually, that’s pretty much what I do. I write about things that interest me, and I write in a style that I find pleasant to read, and I hope that in a world of billions, a few other people like reading about the same things in the same style, and that they find their way to my blog.

        I have a few regular readers.

        Thanks for signing up through Avvo, but you know, I don’t think I ever received anything from them. Hmmm. Maybe I can use Avvo Answers to get a lawyer to tell me how to collect…

      • Check with Greenfield. He spends most of his days on Avvo Answers. He said something about it being the “future of the practice of law.”

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