Offender Registries – The Mark of a Great Society

I’ve written before to poke at offender registries run amok. If you read most CDL blogs, we bemoan the fact that these registries are a slippery slope. Our government stands precariously at the edge, waiting for a fiery advocacy group to give one last nudge. Most disheartening to us is the plight of nonviolent sex offender registrations. When they go wrong (and they do most of the time), they go really, really wrong.

Eventually, sex offender registration will be open to anyone implicated in any crime who, at some point in their lives, thought about sex.

And, society will rejoice at how far we’ve come. Participation in the celebration will be mandatory. To do otherwise means losing your membership at the country club, and the homeowners association will cite you for a bad lawn (now, a registrable offense).

H/T to Walter Olson for the Justin Fawcett article.