After This, I’m Going The F$%& To Sleep

Every now and then, I peruse the front page of Mostly, I’m just looking for a general summary of the day’s news to see what’s happening. Mostly, I scan the headlines and go no further. Occasionally, I’ll look down and see what’s going on in the opinion and op-ed pieces. Lately, I’ve been particularly interested in guest columns by a host of different sanctimonious asses.

Yesterday, I found a column by Karen Spears Zacharias. She focused her venom at a book entitled “Go the Fuck to Sleep.” Of course, on the cover of the book and in her column the word fuck is tastefully censored. The book, in a highly satirical way, pokes fun at the frustrations of parents dealing with young children by imitating the structure of many popular children’s books. She finds no humor in it.

I had crafted a lengthy post in opposition of her views yesterday, but, by the end of the day, I realized that a throng of CNN readers had already done the job for me. I was going to talk about the role of satire. I was going to talk about the need to laugh at our many faults, as humans. I was going to talk about how the book might serve to cause parents to talk about some of their “impure” thoughts openly, and, therefore, be less likely to act upon the bottled anger and frustration that many parents feel.

I was going to talk about my love for Mel Brooks and his entire body of work.

No matter, plenty of other folks did that for me.

However, I have one more thing to say.

Just when I thought her article might be an isolated incident of sanctimonious behavior, I found this, which she wrote in response to some Twitter opposition that occurred as a result of her article. Evidently, she wanted to show everyone that she held unbelievably high moral ground by invoking the thought of deployed soldiers.

If you want to seem infinitely better than everyone else, a surefire tactic is to talk about how much you support soldiers and their families while your opposition goes about their (assumed) pathetic lives.

If you do great things, that’s wonderful. But, don’t do it just because you want moral high ground or a chance to beef-up your morality resume.

That Tweet is immature and sets the standard for sanctimony, and it validates all the criticisms of her original column.

That soldier is deployed to serve his country, defend freedom, and hopefully take a bite out of terrorism. He isn’t there for you to use as a morality shield during petty disagreements.

UPDATE: Nobody ever says it quite as well as Ken at Popehat. He is our poet laureate.


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    • You’re such a good samaritan that way. As you well know, I occasionally represent individuals who walk the dogs of deployed servicemembers.

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