Aches and Pains Getting You Down?

For those of you who wonder if you’ll live through the workday without your morning cup of coffee, please start today by reading this article by Greg Zoroya at USA Today.

No, no. Go back. Read the whole thing.

Now, don’t you feel foolish? You should.

Remember this story about Sergeant First Class Joseph Kapacziewski . Not everyone is like him, but we can all aspire to have the same dedication and commitment  toward our vocations and clients as he does.

He could be medically retired from the Army with 100% disability if he wanted, but he isn’t.

He could be sitting at home collecting enough money to be comfortable without lifting a finger, but he continues to work for every cent.

He could live in safety, security, and gain weight, but he hasn’t.

He could leave a dirty job to be accomplished by others. He could say “Let someone else get filthy for a change.” But, his values and his guts won’t let him.

You don’t have to be him to get my respect. A patriot isn’t just someone who serves in a polyester uniform. It isn’t just someone who faced bullets or earned Purple Hearts. To me, the ultimate patriot is someone who does a job and does it well–in a uniform, a crisp suit, or a tattered pair of overalls. For, without that, we’d have nothing to be proud of in these United States. And, most importantly, nothing to fight for.


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