I See Things…

I have one recurring post theme called “Azimuth Check” which essentially indicates a post about a potpourri of different issues. Now, I’m starting another recurring post called “I See Things…” These posts, published on no particular schedule, will show various things that I see–typically a picture or scan–that I find amusing, disturbing, or both.

The first may only interest those out there with an understanding of military justice and post-trial procedure. As I was shredding old case files (which I do 2 years after a trial ends), I found this record of trial cover sheet from a case out of Fort Riley. Can you spot the problem?

That’s right. It says 7th Infantry Division (Light) and Fort Ord. For those of you who don’t know, Fort Ord closed as an active Army installation in 1994, 15 years prior to the trial listed in this picture. Granted, my client won’t receive any relief from this discovery. First, his punishment was extremely small, and second, it is only a cover sheet. However, it makes you wonder about the templates and software being used by Army court reporters and chiefs of justice.


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  1. That cover sheet was prepared when your client was 3 years old … once the DNA test came back positive for “criminal.” After that, it was just a waiting game.

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