Shouldn’t a Lawyer Be Doing That?

There are a collection of web sites called BooKoo that largely cater to military communities. It is basically an online free garage sale. Occasionally, businesses will advertise such things as photography, pet care, housekeeping, handyman services, landscaping, and (my personal favorite) boudoir photography. Mostly, it consists of people selling motorcycles and moldy couches.

Military members and their families frequent these sites, and they exist for almost every decent sized installation.

Recently, a man in the Fort Riley area placed the following ad:

What especially troubles me is his willingness to “help with” the papers. His profile mentioned nothing about having a license to practice law, and it seems to me that assisting in the preparation of divorce papers constitutes the practice of law.

Now, I’m neither a divorce attorney nor an estate planning lawyer, but I suspect my hunch is correct. Of course, I may be wrong, and it might be that he just doesn’t like to mention his law license in his ads on BooKoo.

However, Mr. Lorepop appears to be a man of many talents, as his other BooKoo ads suggest.


3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t a Lawyer Be Doing That?

  1. I’m informed that wills and divorces are commodities these days, so why not ask the guy who mows the lawn for some nice, cheap, commiditized legal services. What’s the worst that could happen, he blows the will and does a free hedge trimming to make up for it?

  2. I am reminded of those signs one sees down country roads near military installations in the South: “Taxidermy and Small Engine Repair,” “CPA and Pest Control,” etc. One of my personal favorites involved show steers and child care, if I remember correctly.

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