It’s All About Your Brand

Morgan Spurlock is not afraid to put himself at risk of great personal injury/discomfort for your education and amusement.

Similarly, I am not afraid to put you at risk of great personal injury/discomfort for my education and amusement.

So, embrace transparency. Show yourself. Demonstrate your mettle. Take a chance. Be honest. Work your ass off, and let people see what you do. Stop hiding behind mahogany desks in some cookie-cutter highrise.

The best marketing strategy and brand is to be honest, prioritize the things that really matter (clients), and work hard. It doesn’t cost you a dime, and you can do it all yourself.


2 thoughts on “It’s All About Your Brand

  1. Thanks for motivating me to renew my push for the return to the gun metal gray desks with Formica tops.

  2. Thank you for posting the Spurlock talk. I watched the whole thing and found it particularly applicable to my practice currently where I’m just now starting to market. I think people gravitate toward people and things that are authentic, transparent, without an angle. It makes you think…

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