Differences Between Men and Women

I like reading Mike Cernovich’s perspectives at his blog, Crime and Federalism (link to the right). He has a lot of fun with a variety of issues. Lately much has centered around men and women, rational roles, perspectives on life, motivations, and contributions. It can be infuriating for some, but it is also fun and instructive.

He has no fear of commenting on men vs. women. I always hesitate to address the male vs. female debate. I generally feel that my very limited perspective is far too inadequate to make a reasonable contribution.

Now, though, I think I have it figured out. The root of our differences is with what each sex wants. It’s really that simple.

Women want near-idealism. They want fairness and due process. They want children who grow up to be smart and conscientious. Women want to be heard, but they also enjoy spirited debate. They want others to be happy and act as positive contributors. They want cleanliness and appropriate appearances. Women want accountability with compassion. They want to share things with a partner who embraces their regard for mutual respect. They want equality with merit-driven rewards. They want a sense of community coupled with allowances for individuality.  Women want reason and reasonableness.

Men want to be able to take a leak in their backyard without getting in trouble for it.

There you go.


5 thoughts on “Differences Between Men and Women

    • Shay, you are one of the top reasons I keep doing this blogging thing.

      Just when I start to get tired of it, I am reminded that someone is actually reading.

      I’m being serious.

  1. Now hang on just a second! I read this site daily.

    No, I am not a lawyer. I found this site through Popehat, liked the name because I’m a retiree. I probably found Popehat through a link from something on Scienceblogs.

    You left out: We like our feet rubbed.


  2. No, seriously. Please note the whole @aol thing. The internet happened while I was out of the country and there really wasn’t much in the way of internet in Korea or Germany. I found Aol to be fast and easy (go ahead and insert joke here).

    I found this blog from following links.

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