Don’t Just Be Free, Be Hitchens Free

Christopher Hitchens has cancer, and I fully anticipate him to beat it to a bloody pulp, sit it bolt-upright in a leather chair, and force it to share a bottle of Scotch. You want tough? You want someone who lives life? He’s the real deal.

Make yourself truly free. See things in a different way, especially when others instruct you on the accepted perspective. You get one chance, and then your atoms scatter to form someone else’s beer gut.

I do what I do for a lot of reasons, but mostly it’s because I want to help folks make the most of their one chance. How they choose to spend it is up to them. I just try to get them another opportunity to make it count.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Just Be Free, Be Hitchens Free

  1. I love Hitchens. Unfortunately, I’m not as optimistic as you are about his condition. The poor guy has had hell with it. He is a real inspiration. “god is not great” is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

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