Not Glamorous, But We Still Love You, Ken

Ken at Popehat had a highly-anticipated drunk fest (AKA CLE Conference) interrupted by the ill-timed arrest of a client by the FBI (despite previously offering to surrender upon indictment).

Ours is not a glamorous area of the law, but it is never without interesting moments. For those of you who judge the life of a CDL through movies, please read his story.

We at MU still adore Ken–even though he shaves with women’s razors.


4 thoughts on “Not Glamorous, But We Still Love You, Ken

  1. As fascinating and unusual as Ken’s story was, about being called to serve a client at an inopportune moment, about the client being arrested despite the offer of surrender, about drinking heavily to make it through a bar event, about getting sick, I wondered to myself as a read Ken’s tale:

    Self, do I really need to know this much about Ken’s personal hygiene?


    • Ken shares such details because he takes his role as mentor seriously. Personal hygiene is important in the practice of law.

      Now, I’ll think twice about leaving for a conference sans razor. Rest assured, I’ll always arrive in court with a snappy Mach III shave. No small swatches of toilet paper on this face.

      Next week, I look forward to Ken teaching about maintaining regularity during protracted litigation.

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