Being a Lawyer is Not the Culmination of Wonderful

Paul Anka at the 2007 North Sea Jazz Festival

He slices, like a hammer. Image via Wikipedia

I spend much of my time unscrewing things that were screwed by other attorneys. You can tell when I’ve had a particularly trying day because I’ll post some sort of get-your-heads-out-of-your-asses rant here.

Today is dedicated to a kindred spirit of mine, Paul Anka.

Paul Anka: The Guys Get Shirts

Many lawyers are led to believe they are perfect throughout life.

They did such a wonderful job in high school.

They did such a wonderful job in college.

They did such a wonderful job in law school.

They did such a wonderful job passing the bar.

They did such a wonderful job getting such a wonderful attorney job.

Too much wonderful gives the perception of infallibility. The perception is wrong. It’s merely a lullaby from which you must eventually awaken.

This week, I’m trying to help a kid who paid thousands of dollars to a lawyer. The service performed: sending a two-page letter to a military commander asking for relief. He didn’t even verify receipt of the letter. No phonecalls. No research. No citations. Just a two-page letter.

The letter was not wonderful.

This kid’s suffering is not wonderful.

“Don’t make a maniac out of me.”

“That’s just the fucking way it is.”