Be Proud Of What You Achieve, Not Accidents

Today is International Women’s Day. I know this because of Scott Greenfield. He has his finger on the pulse of such things. OK, bad analogy.

Since I’ve been in a nearly week-long rant, I’ll continue.

My request: Please, stop being proud of stuff that is beyond your control. Being proud to be a man, woman, Irish, Scottish, German, African, or anything else that occurs from genetic or situational accident is stupid.

Pride comes from achievement. If you’d like to be proud of graduating high school, being a Gold Award Girl Scout, the state champion Future Farmer, a member of the county fair winning barbershop quartet, or passing your medical residency, feel free. Those are things you achieved through hard work, perseverance, and skill. Swell with pride.

Proud of growing up in Iowa? Stop. You had no control over such things. Your parents moved there, and you were dragged-along because they didn’t want to be deadbeat parents who abandon their child in Wahoo, Nebraska. You achieved nothing except to continue your youth/adolescent mooching. If you’d like to be happy about being raised in Iowa, have at it. But pride? Don’t be proud of it. You didn’t do anything to achieve it.

Be happy all you want about your genetic good fortune. Cheer the fact that you grew-up in a cornfield. Grin about your ancestors who immigrated from Luxembourg.

But, it’s nothing from which to derive pride. You’ve got to earn that.


6 thoughts on “Be Proud Of What You Achieve, Not Accidents

    • Oh, I’m Sheening, believe me. Doing so helps me get through these days. It also inspires me to write the things I write.

      • Yeah, but he’s proud of being a warlock and having tiger’s blood pumping through his veins. And that’s just something you are born into, not something you accomplish.

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