Real Modern Lawyering

We can always trust Mirriam Seddiq to keep things grounded in the practice of law.

I hope that people who are thinking of becoming criminal defense lawyers aren’t doing it because they think we walk around with wings of angels or carry cool, wet cloths to wipe weary brows as we pass through cell blocks.  My wish is that people who are reading this know that it is really fucking hard work and a lot of the people we meet along the way haven’t been friendly or neighborly and have committed, perhaps, some dastardly deeds.  A lot of it is menial, as a friend in a foreign land says “scan, stamp, print, send” and a lot of it involves hours in cars, or trying to get into jails or just, you know, work type stuff.

All the same, she acknowledges that it is still the “coolest job around.”

Isn’t it interesting how some jobs maintain a certain mystique to many, but not to those who experience it on a day-to-day basis? An understanding of the military throws this concept into sharp relief. You see oodles of movies that make it look sexy, engaging, and a constant thrill-ride. It isn’t. There are hours of monotonous tasks followed by a few seconds of exciting (albeit largely hazy) moments.

Many maintain a positive attitude and keep a grounded, long-term perspective on the nature of military service. These folks generally never have reason to call me. Then, there are those who constantly lament that “they aren’t doing what they were trained to do.” They often discover many reasons to necessitate a call to me.

As lawyers, we do what we can for those who need us. Most of the time, it hardly is the stuff of screenplays. As soldiers, they are there to do what the country needs them to do–whether flavored mild or spicy.

Today, I have a lot of stuff to scan. Some of it may be put into an envelope and mailed.

And, I’m having fun.