A Problem…

A problem with lawyers today is that we take ourselves too seriously, and we don’t take our clients seriously enough.


6 thoughts on “A Problem…

  1. It’s hard not to take you too seriously when faced with a black and white photo of you sitting at the metaphorical edge of the train tracks in a sport coat and collar, with a squinty scowl. It makes me think, “This guy means business. And justice is on today’s agenda.”

  2. And my guess would be that you had Chinese food last night and this is what was written on the little piece of paper inside the fortune cookie. On the other side were your lucky numbers.

    • You are SHG. He just puts “Scott.”

      I can have him use “Military Scott” if you prefer.

      I’ve taken to writing fortune cookie sayings on the side to pay the bills since I’m sans courts-martial.

  3. Spring is right around the corner. Love will be in the air. Drill Sergeants will take to drilling privates at Happy Hollow. You will, once again, be gainfully employed.

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