I Get Spam

I get spam. Some spam gets my attention.

Here is one that really tells it like it is.

I can tell you’re a guru on Sex, Swingers, and Porn Stars in Military Justice Military Underdog! I’m establishing a site in the near future, as well as your post will be very handy for me. Thanks for all your input. With very best wishes x.

Yep, I’m a guru. Don’t you forget it.

[Ed. Note: This refers to a post on a recent Air Force court-martial conviction entitled “Sex, Swingers, and Porn Stars in Military Justice.”]


One thought on “I Get Spam

  1. I think the remedy (from what I’ve seen) is to change your email as posted to “eric at militaryadvocacy dot com.” I don’t know if this really works. If not, I’m just spamming you.

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