The Pro Se Creationist

I do so enjoy the arguments of those who insist on teaching the “science” of creationism in public schools. It’s all fun and games until someone files a lawsuit. In the great state of Pennsylvania, Thomas Ritter does just that.

After reading the complaint (below), I recommend Thomas forget about the science curriculum and focus on honing his own grammar skills. Note that he publicly touts himself as being able to write well. If we ignore his problems with subjects, predicates, complete thoughts, and prepositions, I agree that his writing is brilliant. It’s not completely his fault. Lehigh University bears some of the blame. Plus, with such a long and detailed 2 page brief, we can’t expect him to endure 1 minute of proofreading.

Besides, his filing just gets read by some judge at the courthouse. It would never be read by the general public. Right?

Mr. Ritter obviously has a fool for a client. How many lawyers do you suppose passed on this gem of a case?

Alas, I must concede that he is a veteran of the Armed Forces (PA Air National Guard). Yep, these are my peeps.

H/T to PZ Myers for alerting me to this case.