Silly, Silly Law Students

Thanks to Scott Greenfield, we now have a better understanding of some who study the law at a “Massachusetts law school.”

Law students amuse me. When I was a law student, I’m sure I amused several practitioners, too. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s just the way it is. Law school is just a phase. In time, it will pass.

You know what I mean–the ivory tower perspective, the rosy view of the application of law, the feeling that they are better advocates than 95% of experienced practitioners (with the other 5% consisting solely of family members, close family friends, and law professors).

I don’t think twice when I hear about the antics of most. After all, they are still within the ABA-mandated steeping process. Before passing the bar, they are incomplete, and I never give credit for incomplete work.

Some, however, make a lasting impression, and this isn’t a good thing.

Ray Wolfe is one. Apparently, he attends a “Massachusetts law school,” and he has a big problem with Missouri judges. While at his home in Springfield, Missouri, he received several traffic citations. Owing to the fact that he must return to Massachusetts for school, he requested a continuance in his matter. He used persuasive, concrete language in his request.

To let you know I use the word “Judge” lightly in your case. Your asshole (traffic cop) wrote me that ticket, committing constructive treason, and perjury of his oath, as you are about to do. If I come down there you damn sure won’t want me in your courtroom. I know you have people in the courthouse guarding your sorry “Communist” ass. I told you I am currently “Out OF STATE” and I demand a continuance. This is no longer a request!

I left that State to get the education so I to be able to fight on there playing field. (In the courtroom) instead of where I have been trained to fight (On the Battlefield) which may be where this winds up if you keep your shit up.

The State of Missouri has failed to provide me with justice, with the securities provided in the Missouri, and United States Constitution, and I will not pay for any injustice in Missouri “Unless it is in BLOOD.” So the question is? Do you want to meet me on my turf “The battlefield” —JUDGE. You best leave me out of that State until I get ready to return.

He was, inexplicably, denied. So, he followed-up with more persuasive legal writing.

I would refer to you as Judge but you already proved that you are not interested in justice by the warrant you issued. What do you want BLOOD, because that may be what you get.… Injustice breeds contempt, and with judges like you I am really surprised that people have not got together and started a revolution to hang communists like you, the prosecutor and of course your butt buddies that keep you busy.

I know you really do not want me in your courtroom now that you have violated my rights. You have better be glad that no officer stopped me while I was on vacation from college. As I am sure it would have made the headline news. As you might be able to ascertain by now that [sic] I am tired of your shit, and the city of Springfield’s shit! If I pay the city of Springfield anything – it will be in BLOOD. Your lying no-good officer started this shit, I will try to make him pay the ultimate price for his lies since you do not have the integrity to do what is just, fair and proper.

[Y]ou are doing nothing more than committing usurpation and tyranny. “Tyranny and usurpation are illegal, and they may be resisted by force, and governments founded thereon may be dissolved in the same manner that people may resist robbers or pirates” (Second treatise of a civil government, p. 170, 174, 177). There is nothing I would like to see more in this country than a good old-fashioned bloody revolution where the people can take the trash out of government and hold them accountable for the tyranny and treason that they have committed. We could once again install a people in government that is for the people and by the people, instead of the communist greedy bastards that are currently serving themselves and their masters.

With this being said and forwarded to various agencies, you can take that arrest warrant and shove it up your communist ass!

Attaboy Ray! You show that judge who is boss. I’m sure the faculty at your “Massachusetts law school” must be proud. After all, your command of solid legal writing is amazing.

Alas, this valiant attempt also did not succeed, and Ray was charged with tampering with a judicial officer. He was found guilty, and the appellate court affirmed. Their published opinion is what allows us to enjoy the spectacle (via the folks at Above the Law).

Now, of which “Massachusetts law school” does the court refer? They appear to make a purposeful effort to not specifically name the school. Elie Mystal at Above the Law doesn’t want to know. My understanding is that Elie attended a well-known “Massachusetts law school.” I did not. I went to an extremely pedestrian “Kansas law school” which hardly compares to certain “Massachusetts law schools.” Therefore, I’d love to know which of the fine institutions of legal marination is responsible for the molding of this fine, young mind.

Let’s start with a list of Massachusetts law schools:

  • Boston University
  • Boston College
  • Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
  • Harvard
  • Massachusetts School of Law at Andover
  • New England School of Law
  • Northeastern University School of Law
  • Southern New England School of Law
  • Suffolk University School of Law
  • UMass
  • Western New England College School of Law

Which could it be? Well, this is a man who travels all the way from Missouri to Massachusetts, forgoes in-state public tuition, and pays private/out-of-state jack for the chance at a legal diploma. I know where I’m betting my chips. It’s fun to imagine. Why? It’s not spite or jealousy. Rather, I’m just an entropy kinda guy. The thought of a meeting of high-power faculty sitting at a mahogany conference table in a red-brick building to discuss Mr. Wolfe is amusing. I’d love to be a fly on the wall as they dissect the decision of the lowly Missouri appellate court.

Sadly, I must also acknowledge another fact alluded-to by Mr. Wolfe. You see, it is a big reason why I’m writing this article. Yes, there is a military connection. Let’s revisit some of his comments:

I left that State to get the education so I to be able to fight on there playing field. (In the courtroom) instead of where I have been trained to fight (On the Battlefield) which may be where this winds up if you keep your shit up.

That’s pretty clear. He makes another reference.

Do you want to meet me on my turf “The battlefield” —JUDGE.

Well, the Armed Forces have all types. Good, bad, and in-between. Some want college money, some want a career, some just want direction, and others are of a more revolutionary sort. It is the ultimate hodgepodge of cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Sometimes, serving in the Armed Forces results in the creation or aggravation of conditions. I wouldn’t be surprised if Traumatic Brain Injury or PTSD are behind a few of his comments to the Missouri court. After all, they seem to lack a certain degree of sane judgment.

I appreciate zealous advocacy and passion. I often complain about the lack of both among those who purport to represent their client’s interests in what is often the most important event in the client’s life. But, we should never forget that passion and advocacy are useless if not applied correctly, appropriately, and in a carefully targeted direction. Blind rage and abusive language should never be mistaken for zealous advocacy.

UPDATE: He appears to be a freelance writer, and he advertises his book on this website. Yep, appears to be an Army and Desert Storm veteran.

UPDATE 2: Someone posted a comment at ATL claiming he attends Western New England College School of Law. Well, that takes some of the fun away from this one.


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  1. I prefer to think that Elie Mystal and Wolfe might have attended the same law school. It adds to the mystique. Please don’t burst my bubble.

    • I based the update on a comment on ATL. You know how reliable those are. I’d say your fantasy is preserved. For now.

      Did you buy the book yet? He accepts PayPal.

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