Payment, Texas Style

My New Armadillo says "Vote No on stupid changes to TX PR Rules."

I’m a lawyer, so I charge for my time. Mark Bennett knows this.

So, he paid me for pimping the “Vote No in Texas” perspective by sending something from his illustrious home state.

I was hoping for something of the BBQ variety, but then this arrived at my doorstep. It is neither cuddly nor tasty, but it is doing a wonderful job of aerating my lawn. Thanks Mark.

By the way, seriously, vote “no” on the stupid Texas Professional Responsibility proposed changes. Go. Vote. Now.

Nothing says Texas like an Armadillo, and they hate the proposed changes, too.

2 thoughts on “Payment, Texas Style

  1. You get an armadillo from Bennett. Tannebaum gets cheesecake from Greenfield. I get nothing.


    Maybe I ought to let some of those folks pay me to put their links on my blog.

  2. The problem now is that the quality of gifts appears to be on the decline. I submit that a cheesecake is a better gift than an armadillo. Although, the continued aeration of my lawn is quite a perk, from a certain perspective.

    Jeff, having people pay you for links on your blog is so 2010. You’re a lawyer, and you are expected to make money the hard way–on Twitter.

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