Predatory Lending Association

Thanks to the military Scott, here is a wonderful parody on the predatory lending scum that camp outside the gates of every military installation. I spoke a while ago about folks who prey upon military goodwill, and it still ticks me off. (not to mention the thousands of non-military folks who also fall prey to these jerks).

The Predatory Lending Association (PLA) is dedicated to extracting maximum profit from the working poor by increasing payday loan fees and debt traps. The working poor are an exciting, fast growing demographic that includes: military personnel, minorities, and most of the middle class.



The Predatory Lending Association


2 thoughts on “Predatory Lending Association

  1. How else will the new recruits be able to fill their barracks room with a new laptop, flat screen, PS3, and blender? They are high credit risks! If we force them to buy crappy stuff from AAFES because they can’t get a payday loan at 344% then the rest of the Soldiers in the barracks won’t have anything worth stealing! Take away the Twilight Zone and there will be nothing left to do at FLW.

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