Change of Pace – CANdYRAT

I have about 5 mainstream MU posts in the wings, just haven’t had the time to finish them. So, I thought I’d depart from the norm and share a little bit.

Sharing is good, right? OK, unless it’s with prosecutors. I don’t even share my fries with them.

So, here’s a bit of what clogs my 2400 baud modem when taking a break from the day job.

The folks at Candyrat Records never cease to amaze me with their constant stream of great stuff. While you’re there, check out the outstanding solo projects by my fellow Kansas native, Andy McKee.

As much as I wanted to put one of Andy’s riffs on here, I had to go with this duo. Don Ross and Jimmy Wahlsteen transform a Canadian street into a recording studio. Oh, to be strolling past on that day…