Good Day Homo Erectus!

I get a lot of spam comments on this blog, as I am sure most blogs do. Luckily, a system called Akismet has done a great job of filtering these things out. Each time Akismet detects a potential spam comment, it segregates it to a comment purgatory where, once a week or so, I review the potential spam and nuke them into oblivion.

Before I nuke them, I scan the words to make sure that I am not nuking a legitimate comment. As of yet, I’ve not yet seen a legit comment roughed-up by the Akismet police. As I read the spam, most of it is the same one to four line generic blurp designed to appear, to the novice eye, as a heartfelt appraisal or thanks. Some, however, make me laugh at their absurdity. Below is one of those comments. Take a look, dudes.

Good day homo erectus! What a solid website, in spite of the fact that not everything is functioning correctly! But that is up to the administrator to take into account… But anyway, what I wanted to share is this internet site I just now got a link to that says that real love is possible with whose who were born on exactly the same date of the year as you, since everyone born on exactly the same date are essentially the same! It sounds like a bunch of astrological crap to me, but I checked out some of their demo videos and some of the psychological portraits correspond to people I know. I agree that their English pronunciation could be better, but oh well, if they really have done their research as they claim and proved it this potentially could completely change our lives and the way we look for partners! Take a look, dudes.


One thought on “Good Day Homo Erectus!

  1. I can’t believe you’d be holding information like this and not provide the link. Where’s wikileaks when you need it?

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