Join the Army. Be sexy.

Oh yeah, it’s not just about serving the country. It’s all about style. Lots of style.

This picture was featured in a special “Basic Training” insert in the Fort Leonard Wood Guidon (the installation newspaper).

Thank goodness digital cameras weren’t there during my formative Army years.


One thought on “Join the Army. Be sexy.

  1. To the attempted commenter known as “Lurker”: I deleted your attempted comment on my site (it is actively moderated) because you posted anonymously. If you scroll-down to the right, you will see my very simple anonymous comment policy. By the way, nice try with the as a way of circumventing the email requirement. All you had to do was be willing to take ownership of your comments and thoughts.

    It’s a shame. Some of your points were actually quite good.

    None of us who served are immune to looking goofy. I had my share (probably more than my share), as did all of my buddies. Luckily, my goofy moments weren’t subject to the constant presence of digital cameras. They are safely locked-away in the minds of my fellow soldiers.

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