Holiday Shopping Guide: Paternity Test

This holiday season, give the gift of a paternity test. Consider the following advertisement I found while looking at the military community garage sale site (I deleted the contact information):


Confidential Paternity Test
*Proof of Parenthood
*Court Recognized
*99.99% Probability or 100 % Exclusion
Location is not a problem
*Family members in different cities can be tested through our network of providers
Absent, Deployed or Deceased
*Grandparent testing is possible if the alleged father is not available to be tested. (Fees apply)
Price: $350.00


As can be seen from the picture, this specifically targets military males and their families.

A sad reality of military communities is that there are always questions about paternity for many in uniform, especially those returning from overseas assignments and deployments. The military does what it can, which includes criminalizing adultery among servicemembers. Yet, human urges can never be completely suppressed.

The real problem, however, are the second and third order effects. The stress created from a cracked home results in further straying, alcohol and substance abuse, and violence. You see, it serves as a gateway activity to more severe acts. Unhealthy domestic relationships eventually seep through the walls of the house and become a community problem.

Sadly, the best antidote to many of these problems is a timely divorce. It creates separation, allows for third-party intervention, and suppresses harmful co-dependencies.

So, consider giving the gift of a paternity test. Of course, if you think a paternity test is necessary, you probably already know what it will show. Then, consider the gift of a good divorce lawyer.*

*I am not a divorce lawyer, nor do I plan to be one.