MU Xmas Shopping Guide: November 20, 2010

We at Military Underdog want each of our 5 loyal readers to enjoy this holiday season. So, we give back to each of you by assisting in your holiday shopping endeavors. To do this, we want to highlight some of the fantastic deals available on or near military installations. Whether it is the Post Exchange (PX), Base Exchange (BX), or local merchants, our team is looking for great deals.

To begin, we present to you this fantastic figurine available at the Fort Leonard Wood PX. I think you’ll agree, it is a fantastic piece of Americana. Notice the detail shown with the placing of a bandage on the right arm. It’s not everyday that you find a figurine with a bandage on one of its arms, and that is what sets this art apart from the rest. Evoking a collage of thoughts from “Rambo” to “Tropic Lightning” to The Village People, you can’t help but feel a tinge of patriotism. It can be yours for a mere $148. This is a bargain compared to the $250 Barack Obama figurine found in the same display case. Enjoy.