MU Xmas Shopping Guide, November 30, 2010

For your shopping pleasure, we at Military Underdog present Survival Cord Bracelets. Made with high strength, military “550 cord,” these bracelets will last you a lifetime and enhance your military chic.

Additionally, if you find yourself stranded in the wilderness with Bear Grylls, you’ll provide the means to erect shelters, catch fish, and rappel cliffs. Bear, as usual, will teach you to drink urine and jump into freezing water naked.

They are available at your local Military Clothing Sales store for a low $9.95.

Problems with TSA? My solution…

He gets the shotgun, no questions asked. Via

For weeks, the gnashing of teeth could be heard worldwide regarding the TSA’s new way to create porn images or get a happy ending (depending on your preference upon screening).  Many folks suggested solutions to the problem, and those ideas generally revolve around abolishing the current system for screening. Obviously, the TSA is not wild about the alternatives, and they remain committed to their course of action.

Well, it’s time we started thinking outside the box.

As before, I’m just full of ideas.

This time, we should go against our gut. Most folks want to keep dangerous things away from aircraft. Perhaps, however, the best answer is to put more dangerous items onto our aircraft.

Let me explain.

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What do you remember about Basic Training?

During Basic Training, some soldiers write home about firing rifles and machine guns.

Some soldiers write home about their new, snazzy uniforms.

Some write about how good it feels to be a member of the Armed Forces, prepared to fight and win our nations wars.

Yet, others write home about raking leaves in the middle of the woods.

All in a day’s work.



Who are these people, and why are they giving legal advice?

WWE Champion John Cena poses with Marines at C...
I bet John Cena has as much legal training as one of the Marine Corps' "non-lawyer counsel." Image via Wikipedia

OK, Marines, something fishy is going-on (I’ll avoid, for the moment, any double entendres on the word “fishy”).

When one client tells me something strange, I consider it akin to a lightning strike.

When two tell me something strange, I consider it a mild aberration.

When three tell me something strange, I consider it a possible systemic problem.

Then, when I hear it consistently and repeatedly, I consider it a serious flaw in the system.

This flaw, as I see it, is the use of untrained, unlicensed “non-lawyer counsel” by the United States Marine Corps.

First, let’s start with a bit of background.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Cranberry sauce from a can, sliced.
Image via Wikipedia

I hope everyone out there has a fine, relaxing Thanksgiving.

I certainly have a lot for which to be thankful. Today, I’ll also be thankful for cranberry sauce in the shape of a can–just as the pilgrims intended.

A Thought on Civil Rights and the Abilene Paradox

Eisenhower Center grounds, Abilene, Kansas, USA
Welcome to Abilene (the Kansas version). Don't complain about the town, it's your own damn fault you're here. Image via Wikipedia

The easiest way to lose your rights is to voluntarily give them up.

Lately, a lot of folks are screaming about the TSA’s enhanced security measures—from naked pictures of children to a happy ending patdown.

Many of them (most, I suspect) said nothing during the Great Government Power Grab of 2001-02. Why? At the time, they didn’t feel it. No tactile touching occurred. All they felt was fear of what might happen. Taking advantage of this fear by passing new legislation, Congress didn’t put their hands in any crotches, but they provided earmarks for groin grabs in the future. It is a reminder that we should all read the fine print and keep one eye open for slippery slopes.

Brian Tannebaum gets it, as do the fine folks at Simple Justice, Defending People, and Popehat, and I suspect they understood from the beginning. Most others detoured around the dissenters (and those with a critical and free perspective) and drove the long road to Abilene. Whole clans boarded busses to the small town, and none chose to speak-up. That would be inconvenient and uncomfortable. They wanted the fear to go away. They wanted to go with the flow. They wanted safe anonymity……..and smartphones.

You see, whether you like it or not, we are all connected. An injustice to one will always manifest into an injustice upon us all. Taking a stand and, at the least, making one’s views and determination known demands a healthy backbone. Turning away and hoping that everything works itself out requires no calcium at all.

So, when you board that bus down I-20 to Abilene, don’t complain about the boring Texas prairie. Don’t lament the isolation of a small, flat town. Don’t grouse about the heat or the cold or the wind. It’s your own damn fault you’re there.