Music Industry Takes Aim at Child Pornography

Via the wonderful folks at CNet, proof that LimeWire is officially dead.

Child Pornographers, look out. The RIAA and Music Industry are on a mission, and they’ve already scored a huge victory in Federal District Court.

Limewire is dead, and the RIAA killed it.

Ok, ok. I know. The music industry has no interest in preventing child pornography, and theirs is a purely capitalist endeavor. They merely want to maximize their profits, and the secondary effects are of no interest to them. But when the effect of this is analyzed in criminal justice circles, the collateral consequences are enormous.

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Thanks Teddy, I wish I knew you.

Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the Un...
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As if I need more justification for my legal practice area, a close friend sent me this little nugget.

A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.–Teddy Roosevelt

Azimuth Check: DADT Edition

A potpourri of thoughts regarding the military policy of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell (DADT) that was eliminated reinstated repealed¬†partiallyreinstated stayed. I can’t figure out where it is now. I think it is still in effect, but I’m not quite sure.

Oh boy, now these folks are really going to be ticked-off.

I agree with half of the policy. The Don’t Ask part is completely appropriate and consistent with how our government should generally treat its citizens. A person’s sexual orientation is none of their damn business. As far as the last half, I have no use for the threat of losing one’s job for revealing one’s preferred sexuality.

Which brings me to the topics du jour…

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Offender Registries for Everyone


Suffolk County, New York
What is it? Quick! No, this isn't Jamaica, it's a disembodied view of Suffolk County (the eastern half of Long Island in New York). I'd need a lot more clients to afford a house there. Image via Wikipedia


Thanks to Scott Greenfield, I am ashamed to say that I have knowledge of the new Suffolk County, New York animal cruelty registry. This is a new, public list in Suffolk County that denotes anyone convicted of an animal cruelty violation. He began posting about it here and continued with an update here.

Scott’s disgust for this law is immediately apparent early in his opening salvo.

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Getting a Pound of Flesh with an Acquittal


Here's Major General John Le Moyne promoting Robert Morris to Colonel after the acquittal. LeMoyne's thorough investigation also cleared Morris of all wrongdoing. Too bad the Dallas US Attorney didn't trust the good general.


I was going to let the USA Today article about Colonel Robert Morris go, but it will remain stuck in my craw until I write this. It saddens me when the adage “we accuse, you lose” becomes such a motivating factor for prosecutors and accusers.

Colonel Morris faced prosecution by civilian federal courts after a military investigation cleared him of wrongdoing. All of this occurred because the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) muckity mucks were pissed-off. They, in their infinite wisdom, believed that their perspective was more sound, intelligent, wise, and legally correct than that of Major General John LeMoyne.

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What’s in a WiFi Router Name

Linksys BEFW11S4 Router Sitting on a Cable Modem
Hey baby, what's your name? Image via Wikipedia

While killing time on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I drove through the post enjoying the fall colors. Owing to the fact that the post deserves its name “Lost in the Woods,” the fall colors are abundant.

At one point, I found myself driving along a road next to the barracks (single soldier housing) utilized primarily by the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, a support unit for the 1st Infantry Division. I received a call from a client, so I stopped on the side of the road and took the call on my smartphone. When the call was finished, I looked at my phone to see a multitude of available WiFi hotspots radiating from the barracks.

I know from my experience with WiFi hotspots that you can give your router a particular name or go with the factory settings. From my observation, the former is far more popular than the latter. I transcribed what I saw on my handy legal pad.

As I scanned through the dozens of names, I noticed a pattern. In fact, not a pattern, but a story. It is a story about soldiers getting along in their barracks, communal-living situation. It is a story of love, comraderie, and tension.

Here is that story.

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