Teachers Suspended for showing “Flex Your Rights” Video

I sincerely hope there is more to this story than what we see here. If not, my faith in public school administrators might fall another notch.

Evidently, two high school teachers in Virginia were suspended for showing the video “Busted: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters” and distributing a flyer designed and distributed by an organization called “Crimethink.” The video is produced by the folks at Flex Your Rights whose primary goal is to encourage an educated population that understands its constitutional rights.

The last paragraph of the post at FlexYourRights.org summarizes their position:

Indeed, no American should ever be ashamed to assert their Bill of Rights protections, and our educators should be praised, rather than reprimanded, when they teach constitutional rights in the classroom. Withholding this important knowledge from students is gravely irresponsible and we’ll vigorously oppose any effort to silence or mischaracterize the work of our organization.

Here is the video,  posted on YouTube by Flex Your Rights.  I encourage you to form your own opinion after you watch the video and read the news article, the Crimethink flyer, and FlexYourRights response.

See the post at FlexYourRights.org here.

See the original news report here.

The flyer that was distributed is posted here.

So, what do you think? Is the school administration properly safeguarding young Americans and holding faculty accountable for missteps?  Or, are you fearful that their copy of the constitution might get burned with the other books in the library (at a cozy 451 degrees F, of course)?

Frankly, I support any effort to teach constitutional rights–especially from a practical perspective. Considering how many of my clients confess before I become their lawyer, I have little faith in the traditional methods of teaching high school civics.