On Vulnerability and Fraud

Being the subject of a criminal investigation, trial, or other adverse process is amazingly taxing for any human. It drains a person emotionally, physically, and sometimes spiritually.

Due to this, these people are often in an emotionally compromised position. Their suffering causes them to reach-out for anything that purports to provide comfort, understanding, and hope. This makes them especially vulnerable to a wide variety of flim flam, charlatans, and con artists.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen the direct result of these con artists, and it always ends badly (even with the best case scenario, my client still has a lighter wallet). Purveyors of quackery and false (but expensive) hope congregate their shops near the gates of most military installations hoping to quickly deprive servicemembers of a portion of their government paycheck.

Several individuals are working to protect consumers against such fraud. They include James Randi and Michael Shermer, and I hope they make significant headway soon. Mr. Randi appears in the video below, where he takes a lethal dose of “homeopathic sleeping medication” in front of his audience.

My clients are at a vulnerable point in their lives, and when they fall prey to this type of con, it makes me sick.